Please note, we are no longer offering classes. Thank you.

Sign-up Forms

Download registration form

To sign up for a class, print out the form and mail to:

MegaMutts Dog Shows & Training
c/o Holly Teahen
27 Memorial Ave.
Elmira, ON
N3B 2R3

No refunds after the 1st class.

MegaMutts Dog Class Rules

  1. Dog handler must provide proof of dog's rabies vaccination upon registration, prior to admission to class.
  2. For your protection, a dog owner should have third party liability insurance coverage for the dog. This is standard in homeowner's or tenant's insurance.
  3. The adult person with care and control of the dog (whether owner or handler) must read, sign and return the accompanying form of "Waiver, Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Hold Harmless" on the reverse of the Registration form, upon registration and prior to admission to class.
  4. Dog must have proper equipment, including a training collar or Promise halter, adequate training leash (4-6 foot leather or heavy fabric lead), and a Clicker. No choke chains permitted.
  5. Keep your dog on lead and under control at all times. Respect other dogs' space and do not permit them to mingle except under controlled classroom conditions with instructor's supervision.
  6. Handler must clean up after dog inside AND outside the premises. Equipment will be available to aid you.
  7. Handler must warn the instructor of any aggressive tendencies in the dog PRIOR to the start of the class.
  8. In the event that a dog acts out in an unprovoked, aggressive manner against any other dogs or persons on the premises, that dog may be removed from the class temporarily or permanently, or be required to be muzzled, in the absolute and sole discretion of the instructor, and without refund of lesson fees in whole or in part.
  9. Please treat you instructor, fellow students and all dogs with proper respect and courtesy. These rules are intended to maximize the comfort and safety of all participants in the dog classes.
  10. Please drive carefully and use the premises with care. Be aware that commercial activity may be carried on in adjoining areas and on the grounds, and do not interfere with operations on site or go into any other areas. NO SMOKING anywhere on the premises.
  11. The Instructor must be notified if your dog is coming into heat so that appropriate measures can be discussed and taken to minimize disruption amongst other dogs in the class.
  12. There are no make-up classes unless the Instructor must cancel one of your scheduled classes for cause.
  13. There will be no refunds after the first class. Credits towards another course will be given. Dress is casual – Attitude is fun!