Megamutts offers a variety of classes to help your puppy learn and grow. In addition to obedience, we also offer classes in other disciplines such as agility, tracking, and rally. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

In Home Consultation
$70 per hour

Private, in-home classes are available at your convenience to help get your dog started on the right paw, and prevent any unwanted behaviours. Along with learning the basics, like walking and coming when called, your puppy will learn good manners and how to work around distractions.

Open to: Puppies 12 months and under.

Level 1 Obedience
$160 - 6 weeks

Start early and prevent a problem rather than correcting it later. Learn to communicate with your puppy in teaching the basics, such as controlled walking, heeling, recalls, and stays.  Also, the classes will deal with preventing behavioural problems, like jumping up, barking, nipping, etc.


Details: Maximum of 6 per class; 1 hour each week.

Level 2 Obedience
$160 - 6 weeks

A continuation of Level 1, with emphasis on working around distraction and for longer duration. Dogs are introduced to other disciplines, such as agility and rally obedience.

Open to: Dogs that completed Level 1 Obedience.

Details: Maximum of 6 per class; 1 hour each week.

Integrated Obedience
$160 - 6 weeks

A hybrid of obedience and agility skills.

Open to: Dogs that have completed Level 1 Obedience.

Details: Maximum of 4 per class; 1 hour each week.

Private and Semi-private Lessons
Inquire for pricing

Private and semi-private lessons available at the Megamutts facility or in your home.

Open to: All dogs

Details: 4 in-home sessions.